29th of October, 2012
Hamburg, Germany


Suncycle assigned to carry out junction box repair program

Case analysis proved that design flaw caused defective junction box problems

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The insurer of the bankrupted company Scheuten Solar Holding has assigned Suncycle to unfold a repair program for modules of Scheuten Solar Holding with defective junction boxes. In March 2012 Scheuten Solar Solutions took over all commercial activities of Scheuten Solar Holding. Unfortunately Scheuten Solar Solutions was confronted with defective junction boxes of certain products of the former company. Although Scheuten Solar Solutions has no legal connection to Scheuten Solar Holding, and there was no obligation what so ever to undertake actions, it has carried out a communication and inspection program in the past months to provide support towards former customers.
Subsequently a more in-depth analysis was started by Scheuten Solar Solutions. This analysis by external experts showed that the problem occurs to be more extensive than was presumed.

In order to be able to offer full support towards customers who have purchased the concerning modules with defective junction-boxes, the insurer of Scheuten Solar Holding has decided that all activities will be handed over to Suncycle who specializes in test and repair services for the solar industry.

TÜV certified solution
The program of Suncycle starts with proactively inspecting in-roof PV-systems. In addition, the communication and inspection program already started by Scheuten Solar Solutions will be continued by Suncycle. This consists of active identification, reviewing delivery lists, communication through a dedicated website and speaking to both installers and end customers. This ‘identification phase’ will be followed by the actual repair activities. Suncycle will apply a TÜV certified solution of soldering the contacts. All customer claims will be assessed individually to decide whether the repair costs will be refunded.

Root cause analysis
To really understand the extensiveness of the problem Scheuten Solar Solutions initiated to carry out more research on the root cause. Two independent root cause analysis were carried out. Both concluded that the cause of the problems with the defective junction boxes is caused by a design flaw in the junction boxes; fretting corrosion of the tin plated contacts. The increased local heating from the contacts is caused by a high contact resistance. This can lead to melting of the junction box, which results in PV string/system failure and subsequent identification by inverter and/or system monitoring system. Where the PV modules are placed in-roof or on a fire-sensitive roof the melting junction box could lead to potential fire of the roof.

General Manager Dr. Mischa Paterna at Suncycle states: “Suncycle offers extensive after-market-services for the solar industry. Building on the completion of large recall projects for leading manufacturers, we offer tailor-made service packages for distributors, installers, operators and insurers. Thanks to our experience and our European network we are able to carry out this repair program. It’s our main goal to prevent future accidents and make sure this junction box problem will soon belong to the past.”

About Suncycle
Suncycle offers specialized test and repair services for the solar industry. With more than 1.000.000 repaired modules owns Suncycle a unique experience in customer service and maintenance. From the inspection of single modules to the handling of the complete after-sales-process, Suncycle is your best choice. The PV test center in central Germany is equipped with the newest instruments and our service teams are available Europe-wide.
Suncycle customers are premium manufacturers and EPCs, as well as distributors, insurances and local installation companies.

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